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1. Caution Notice
  a. Candidates are advised to refer to PGET website www.nbe.gov.in/PGET, Information Bulletin for authentic information and periodic updates about the PGET
  b. Candidates are advised not to be allured by various claims of any party or person or institute for qualifying PGET examination or securing seat as per the regulations.
  c. Candidates are advised to bring any such information to the notice of NBE by e-mail: mail@natboard.edu.in
2. Non Disclosure Agreement

a. The PGET is a proprietary examination and is conducted by National Board of Examinations. The contents of this test are confidential, proprietary and are owned by National Board of Examinations. NBE explicitly prohibits the candidate from publishing, reproducing or transmitting any or some contents of this test, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or for any purpose.

b. By registering for and /or appearing in PGET the candidate explicitly agrees to the above Non Disclosure Agreement and general terms of use for PGET as contained in this Information Bulletin, PGET website.

c. Violation of any act or breach of the same shall be liable for penal action and cancellation of the candidature at the bare threshold.

3. Disclaimer : The decision of NBE shall be final and binding for declaration of any person /candidate guilty of foregoing or such offence as shall be classified as UMC.
  Unfair means - NBE reserves its absolute rights to take panel action under applicable civil/criminal procedure/guideline or any other action deemed appropriate against candidates found using unfair means.

Unfair means includes:
  i. Obtaining or attempting support for his candidature by the following means, namely:-

a) offering illegal gratification to ; or
b) applying pressure on; or
c) blackmailing, or threatening to blackmail any person connected with the conduct of the examination; or
  ii. impersonation; or
  iii. procuring impersonation by any person; or
  iv. submitting fabricated documents or documents which have been tampered with; or
  v. making statements which are incorrect or false or suppressing material information; or
  vi. resorting to the following means in connection with his candidature for the examination, namely :-

a)  obtaining copy of question paper in part or total through improper means;
b) finding out the particulars of the persons connected with secret work relating to the      examination;
c)  influencing the examiners; or influencing staff /officers deployed for exams; or
  vii. using unfair means during the examination; or
  viii. writing obscene matter or drawing obscene sketches; or
  ix. misbehaving at test centre, provoking fellow examinees to boycott examination, creating a disorderly scene and the like; or
  x. harassing or doing bodily harm to the staff deployed by the NBE or its designated agency for the conduct of their examination; or
  xi. being in possession of or using any mobile phone, pager or any electronic equipment or device or any other equipment capable of being used as a communication device during the examination; or
  xii. violating any of the instructions issued to candidates along with their admission certificates permitting them to take the examination; or
  xiii. attempting to commit or, as the case may be, abetting the NBE of all or any of the acts specified in the foregoing clauses;

The candidate by indulging in NBE, may in addition to rendering himself liable to criminal prosecution, be liable:-

a. to be disqualified by the NBE from the Examination for which he is a candidate; and/or

b. to be debarred either permanently or for a specified period:-

(i) by the NBE, form any examination or selection held by them;
(ii) by the Central /State Government from any employment under them; and if he is already in service under Government to disciplinary action under the appropriate rules.

  Malpractice: Any candidate indulging in mal-practice in Entrance Test shall be debarred from appearance in the PG Entrance Test for 3 years besides initiation of criminal prosecution.